The little cat, found in a trash can, turned out to be a rare creature

The little cat, found in a trash can, turned out to be a rare creature

Martir the kitten was found in a garbage can in an extremely bad and terrible condition. The powerless creature was abandoned there and appeared in a miserable condition. She suffered from gangrene in her back paw and broke her front leg.

But fortunately, her adoring foster mother did her best to nurse her back to health and strength. Although the martyr lost her paw due to gangrene, she managed to overcome her illnesses and become a beautiful and happy cat. She just got all the love and care from her mother who saved her and gave her a better life.

And an incredible and shocking thing was revealed about the Martyr only recently. The cute animal turns out to be a male cat! While most calico cats are female, he is a rare exception!

In fact, only 1 in 3,000 calico cats are male, and Martyr was considered a female before this incredible and amazing discovery.

Only the X chromosome helps cats have orange and black fur, which is typical for females because they have double X chromosomes. And that gives them the special feature of being called calico. So, the Martyr, as a male mascot, is a real miracle!

So, the unique animal is a rare creature and has gained a lot of popularity due to its great appearance. He became an internet superstar for being one of 3,000 people who are special and wonderful.