Rare images of a leopard with three kittens in Primorye to be displayed at an exhibition in Paris 05:10 - Social Bites

In the Telegram channel of the “Land of the Leopard” national park by the sea, it was reported that they managed to get rare images with four Far Eastern leopards at the same time. The mother and three kittens appeared in front of the camera trap lens.

A female feral cat went out to scout, and three kittens rushed towards her. Experts noted that video recording of leopard cubs is a rare event. They rarely get into the frame because of their mother’s attention.

The resulting video will be featured in the National Museum of Natural History’s cat exhibit. The event is scheduled for March and will run all year.

The Far Eastern leopard will be of particular interest.

It was previously reported that there was a leopard kitten in Primorye. to create on the road bridge.

via: https://socialbites.ca/latest-news/158914.html.