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The 2 young felines had been stuck there for a day or 2, but managed to communicate their distress to another cat who was passing by. By doing this, they had just found a way to find the light of day…

” Unbelievable abuse “: here’s how Thomas Beard qualifies what happened at Montarnaud, in Hérault, on August 17. The head of the municipal police department in the municipality returned to the facts with Free lunch.

Kittens saved by their cries of distress

He says that a lady took her cat to the vet that day, but when she passes near the garbage cans, she will notice that her cat starts to meow. ” In fact, he communicated with 2 distressed kittens present in the glass container remembers the police member.

” Given the configuration of the site, it is impossible that they could have jumped on their own ” he added. The rescue therefore promised to be delicate, but the policemen tried to get them out of this mess anyway.

” My colleague put down a board for the kittens to climb, but they were too small or too weak to reach it. He then tried to enter the container but was not equipped to do so “tell Sylvie Perretbrigade guard.

When they ran out of solutions, the police ended up calling the firefighters from Vailhauquès SDIS.

A beautiful chain of solidarity

2 female firefighters arrived at the scene. They were well equipped and were able to put an end to this ordeal. One of them managed to get down into the bin to join the 2 terrified hairballs before placing them in a cage and taking them safely to the veterinary office in La Tanière.

It’s the doctor Marion Leleu who gave them first aid. The kittens aged 2 or 3 months, had to be locked up for 24 or 48 hours and started getting sores on the bandages she explains.

On the way to new adventures

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The black male and tabby female were fed, spayed, vaccinated, chipped and then offered for adoption as this post specifies. Facebook of the town of Montarnaud. They also enjoyed that a few days of socializing to be better integrated into a loving family. At least that’s what we want them to…

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