A Paws For Pets -- Life is a journey

Life is a journey. We can choose which route we take. Regardless, there are winding roads, the going can be smooth or rough depending on the route you take.

I started my journey with York Adopt A Pet years ago, before there was a road map much less a road. It was more a path that through the years, with the help of many others, has developed into a secure roadway. But with all roads there are still twists and turns, the occasional pot holes and you must always be diligent in remembering that the journey is not about you, but those you meet along the way.

It’s all about the cats.

Every cat or kitten that York Adopt A Pet has reached out to help has a story.

This past August, I wrote about Huber. This little kitten was found in a yard approximately 17 miles south of Friend. You might remember that Diane Wolfe drove down to pick him up, and Sandy Yokum from Milford and I met Diane at the Utica I-80 exit. I brought the supplies, Diane brought Huber and Sandy was there to take Huber and the supplies home where she and Michelle Mach were going to foster him. The odds of him surviving were not good because he was a 2-day-old kitten who was found alone and was so tiny, weighing a mere 3 l/2 pounds. I knew the best chance of survival was with Sandy. He took to the bottle immediately which is a miracle in itself.

Several weeks later we discovered Huber was not a boy, but was actually a little girl. His name was changed immediately to Tammy. At about two months when she was off the bottle, eating hard food and faithfully using the litter box, she returned to my house. She is such a gentle and loving little girl.

If you read Cleo’s story, he was the young cat that was hit by a car in Geneva and his pelvis was broken. He came to my house to be kenneled for six weeks to allow his pelvis to heal. Tammy was very curious about Cleo, so I put them together. Cleo perked up immediately and when Tammy curled up beside him, they actually looked like they were hugging each other. Now that Cleo’s pelvis has healed, he is free to walk and can actually run. You would never know that six weeks ago he couldn’t stand on his own — he could only pull himself up on his two front legs, but his back legs were splayed and he couldn’t drag himself to the litter pan.

It was the once tiny 2-day-old kitten that now was strong and healthy which helped an injured cat through his days of recovery. She seemed to realize that Cleo needed comfort and she was constantly by his side.

As you can see by the accompanying pictures, Tammy has come a long way in her first months. She was recently spayed, is current on all of her vaccinations and ready for adoption. Yes one might ask, is it worth it to try to save a 2-day-old kitten? The odds are against the survival of a kitten weighing a mere 3 ½ ounces, left in the open with no protection and no mother in sight. They rely on mom for everything! With the tiny umbilical cord still attached, they are completely helpless. Their eyes are closed, ears are folded and they can’t stand, keep themselves warm or eat on their own. It sounds bleak but to the volunteers for YAAP, the challenge is accepted and with their time and effort and most importantly their love and compassion, kittens like Tammy have been given the chance to survive and will soon be adopted into a safe and secure forever home.

We welcome anyone who wishes to make a difference in an animal’s life to join the volunteers at YAAP. There are many more Tammys and Cleos that need you.

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