Burnham family’s search continues for kitten who jumped into delivery van

A Burnham-On-Sea family is continuing its search for their missing nine-month-old kitten after CCTV footage showed him jumping into a furniture delivery van moments before it drove off.

As first reported here, Tiffanie Hazelton says the family has been left upset after the kitten, called Geoff, went missing on Thursday (January 19th).

“Geoff is an inquisitive kitten, so we checked the CCTV footage and were devastated to see he’d got into the back of a Furniture Village delivery van at 11.16am before it headed off.“

The search for Geoff is now centred on Weston after it was confirmed by the delivery firm that the vehicle next stopped in that town.

Tiffanie adds: “A team of us went to Weston on Sunday and between us we covered a wide area and put up 30 posters in shops, plus at the railway station, at Pets at Home and other places while shaking treats and calling as we went.”

“We don’t really know where to go next, so will remain concentrating in that area, as Geoff could be hiding and gone into survival mode.”

“We know there was only the one drop-off at Stafford road in Weston, before heading back to the depot in Bristol.”

“The power of social media has been amazing, and the support we are receiving is truly fantastic, thank you all so much, it’s overwhelming.”

“I think now we have to wait. He’s out there somewhere and will be spotted.”

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via: https://www.burnham-on-sea.com/news/burnham-familys-search-continues-for-kitten-who-jumped-into-delivery-van/.