Whanganui SPCA cries out for fosters to care for dozens of kittens

Whanganui SPCA is calling out for fosters after dozens of kittens were dropped at their rescue centre.

Whanganui’s SPCA Centre is searching for fosters after 30 kittens recently came into its care.

The Whanganui branch received a call from a property manager last week, notifying the centre of numerous sick kittens on a property.

The kittens and their mothers did not belong to the tenant, but were strays living on the property.

Last Monday, the property manager brought 22 kittens, including a mother cat, into the Whanganui Centre. She returned to the property on Thursday to bring in seven more kittens.

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SPCA Whanganui centre manager Francie Flis said in a statement that she suspected there was roughly seven different litters on the premises.

“We are well and truly into the swing of kitten season, and never before have we brought in this many kittens from one property in a week.”

She expressed gratitude to the property manager and tenant for bringing the animals in and was working closely with them to care for the vulnerable and sick kittens.

The kittens arrived sick and weak and are being treated by staff to bring them back to health


The kittens arrived sick and weak and are being treated by staff to bring them back to health

The kittens were now safe, warm, well-fed and being treated with medication to fight cat flu.

Flis said it was a prime example of why it was so important to get your cat desexed, as kittens like this ended up seriously suffering.

“Our current foster network is at capacity, and we’re asking anyone who has space in their hearts and homes to care for one or more of these kittens to get in touch with Whanganui SPCA.”

Whanganui SPCA has also offered to supply bedding, food, toys and medication for the cats’ time in foster care.

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